Page-flip not uploading
  • Hi page-flip not uploading to my website,
  • Hi page-flip not uploading to my website, it looks ok when viewing on my computer in my browser, the page where pagflip is resident just shows HTML fragment with a list of the pages I can only assume that either the prog, or database is not uploading. Help
  • Link us to the problematic page or site Derek and we can then maybe check your source code and give you a solution.
  • Hi Mick
    If I type in page URL ie, I can see the page and it flips. also it appears on the navigation bar at the top(Newsletters).
    If I go to the home page, or any other page in the site it does not appear?
  • Hi Derek,

    The page flip does work here when viewing the URL address of and it will of course show from the navigation menu of Newsletters because the link on the navigation menu of Newsletters points to the same page of page13.html

    The flip wont show on any of the other pages unless you (A) add the flip to what ever pages you want it to show on, or (B) you add the flip to a Master Page associated with all your other pages and links, not a very good idea though to have the same thing showing on multiple pages, the site would get very boring if all pages had the same things on them and your best option is to choose one appropriate page to show the page flip on.

    Hope this helps
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