Background Image-Slider with Bars
  • Hey there, im having a problem with the Background Image slider addon.

    I would like to have a background slideshow on the masterpage of my website. At the top and the bottom i would like to add black bars for logos and nav bar. If i try to add these bars in the background setting of the master page or the sites - the bars fade out after a few seconds because of the plugin. I would need the bars to stay at the same "pixel height" on every display resolution - lets say 100px and not to scale with the background images (i already tried edding the bars to every single image of the background gallery.

    Here is the code i used for the plugin. Can anyone help me with that ? Or does anyone know a work-arround ?

    $(function() {
    $.vegas('slideshow', {
    { src:'backgrounds/BP_STILL3.jpg', fade:1500 },
    { src:'backgrounds/BP_STILL2.jpg', fade:1500 },
    { src:'backgrounds/BP_STILL1.jpg', fade:1500 },

    $.vegas('overlay', {

    Thanks for reading :-)
  • Hi,

    As far as I'm aware and due to how this particular addon works, I think the only option you have to achieve a coloured bar that sits above the background images both at the top and bottom would be to create panels and then add your coloured quick shapes to each of the panels, making sure the image sits within the bounding area of the panels.

    Neil may know of an alternative method but that's about the only suggestion I can give you.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi guys,

    As Mick has mentioned the only way to show background images as well as the background addon is to use an image and place it in a Panel. The problem arrises because the addon and WebPlus are both trying to place their images on the same layer in the page.

    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

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