Mobile Menue Addon - Child Menu - Font Color and Background Change
  • I have used WebPlusX8 to design and publish my web site.
    I purchase the addon package and I’m using the mobile menu addon to create mobile pages.
    The menu works great. I was able to change the background color, text color and the bar color to match my site. I also added a child menu to the parent.
    However when the parent menu displays the “>” button to get to the child page it is in a different color. Also when you press the “>” button the child menu text appears as the color I originally changed, but at the top of the menu which gets you back to the parent menu “< Parent Menu” has the same color as the “>” button and with a different background color.
    I cannot seem to find code anywhere to change the colors to match my page.
    I would appreciate any help.

  • Hi Molly,

    You would have to publish to disk rather than a publish to web, you will then have access to the mobile-menu-styles.css file locally on your PC/Laptop and it would be this file that would need CSS edits making on a trial and error basis to get the desired colour changes and look you are after.

    Once edited and checked via numerous previews in your browser, you can then delete the original mobile-menu-styles.css from the root of the addon via the file manager of Webplus - Tools > Site Manager > File Manager and add back your newly edited one to the same place you delete the original.

    Hope this helps
  • Mick,
    Thank You for the information, since I program in WebPlus, I do not have a lot of html experience. I can pick up certain sections and change things like size and color..
    Is there a specific file name or file extension I should be looking at.
  • Hi Rich,

    File name/extension I have already given you, its the file called mobile-menu-styles.css and will only be accessible locally if your publish to disk, you can then open this file up in something like notepad or wordpad or any other text editor you have on your system and then make a back up of the original file so you always have something to fall back on should you make mistakes.

    One of the easiest methods of learning how to edit colours within a css file is to first track the colour you want to change by using an eye dropper, find the relative hex value colour (#000000) or RGB code (255,255,255) if you see (255,255,255,0.4) the 4th digit is an opacity setting and locate it in the css file and make the relevant changes.

    Also another good learning curve is to follow basic examples of one of the best sites on the internet for learning CSS and you'll be surprised how quick you'll pick things up.

    That's about all the information I can give you as I'm not at my regular machine and I'm struggling for time to dig deeper and give out step by step instructions which would take a while to sort.

    Oh yes, another couple of good tools for colour monitoring and eye droppers are as follows and they are both free to download and use. (easiest of the 2) &

    Hope this helps a little more
  • Thank You so much.
    I found color conversions on the internet that if you know the RGB code which WebPlus gives you, it will convert to the various formats like html...etc.
    This was most helpful, thank you, I'm learning as I'm going.
    Thanks Again
  • My pleasure Rich ;-)
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