remove addons no longer in use from assets
  • I had a page flip booklet on my site some time ago but no longer needed. altough it has been removed from the page and the assets tab each time I load the page I can see page flip loading which must be slowing the loading. Is there any way to remove it altogether until I need it again.
  • Hi Rosemary,

    If you are referring to the actual wpp file for your site (your project file, something.wpp) is still loading the asset in the assets tab when you load the site in Webplus, you should be able to highlight the asset on the left hand side of the work window (hover your mouse over it) and in the assets tab, once highlighted, you should get a recycle bin icon bottom right, where you can remove the addon from the asset window, if you then save out the wpp file to a new name, when you next load the site, the asset should be removed and wont load again.

    Hope this helps and if it doesn't, you may need Webplus advice which you can get over at the Serif C++ forum -
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