Can't get Background Gallery to work on X8
  • Good morning
    I am a new user of add-ons for web plus 8 so please accept my nativity. I have downloaded the add-on Background Gallery and installed it as an asset, included it on my webpage and as far as I can see done everything to make it work but it refuses to. I do know however that this will be me that's at fault not the software so I would be most grateful if someone could take a look at the link and show me what a plonker Ive been ! :)

    Link to my page : /
    As you can see instead of my nice selection of pictures all I get is horizontal lines. I have tried different pictures and even creating a new page in case the other items on the page interfere with it.
    I'm at a loss and hope someone can help
    Code fragment on my page:

    $(function() {
    $.vegas('slideshow', {
    { src:'backgrounds/01.jpg', fade:1000 },
    { src:'backgrounds/02.jpg', fade:1000 },
    { src:'backgrounds/03.jpg', fade:1000 }

    $.vegas('overlay', {

    Directory for photos as seen in site manager
  • Just realised that the lines I refer to in my question are in fact the original overlay effect so in fact it simply that the software cannot see or find my photos.... Hope that makes it easier.. Thanks in advance
  • Hi,

    Your site is running from a sub directory of background so the link to your site is and according to the code you have edited, your images are not showing because they should be in another sub folder of background called backgrounds which would then make the file manager look like this Root/background/backgrounds

    What you need to do is to change the code in the add-on to read { src:'backgrounds/01sm.jpg', fade:1000 },

    Then create a folder in the file manager under Root called backgrounds, add your images to this folder and then hopefully, your site will show the background images via its correct URL address of

    If you still want to use the URL address of as your site, then simply add another folder using the file manager so it looks like this

    Root > background > backgrounds

    And add your images to the backgrounds folder and leave your add-on code as it is.
  • Firstly, many thanks for coming back to me. Sadly, I have tried your solution and still cant make it work. I do want to test the site in a sub directory before it going live so to make life easier it is now here...
    I have created a sub folder of "backgrounds" with this URL: and put the images 1sm.jpg, 2sm.jpg etc etc in there.

    As soon as I get the logic Ill get it forever but right now I can't seem to see how its not working. As I said I know its me but I simply can't see where Ive gone wrong.
    Thanks again
  • You know how sometimes you feel a real idiot???? Well this is one of those times for me Mick. I renamed the files 1.jpg,.2jpg etc...... when the code said 01.jpg, 02.jpg...... AS soon as I changed it - it worked perfectly. I am so sorry for wasting your time with such a stupid mistake and I thank you for your patience and help.
    Incidentally........ the effect looks great
  • No worries Peter, glad you are now sorted ;-)
  • Hello Mick
    I've entered everything as you guys discuss, also I even used the original HTML file, the folder is on root/backgrounds and files are 01~03 but it does not show on preview.
    Does it mean I must upload the template and see in live?
    Also I noticed to the 04.png file (the overlay) and it shows on neil dropbox, does it mean anything?

    Please help me out

    This is the link
  • It should work in preview mode without the need to upload to the server, however, you would be better off uploading to the server anyway and then provide a link to the site so that we have something to see and hopefully be able to debug any code errors you may have. If you want to upload to a test area of your server rather than the main URL address of your site hosting, follow Neil's tutorial on the link below. With nothing to see or work with, its like asking us how long a piece of string is. Also when posting for help, please always start your own thread and not post in one already started by somebody else, this saves on any confusion or cross posting with the original starter of the thread - Cheers

    Hope this helps
  • Sure Mick, but I had the same question. I will do next time.
  • No worries ;-)
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