Multiple Full Width Sliders on one page
  • Hi,
    Is it possible to have more than one full width slider on the same webpage? For instance on my homepage I have the full width slider at the top but would also like to have one a bit further down the page as well. Any help would be appreciated
  • Hi Ash,

    Sorry it's not possible to have multiple full width sliders on a page without some major code changes to make it work.

    An alternative would be to use a wide image (about 1920 pixels in width) and add it as a background to the page properties then place a WebPlus slider with text over it to create what looks like a changing content section but without an image change.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi Neil,
    Thank you for clarifying and the suggestion
  • May I use this topic to address a similar question with regard to the full width slider?

    I recently bought the Full width slider and already used it in two websites. Today I tried to add the Nivo slider onto a page that has the Full width on top of it. Didn't work out.

    Is it possible to place the Nivo and if yes, what coding needs to be changed.

    Regards from Crete
  • Henk,

    Always start your own thread please when asking for addon assistance, it does save on any confusion and cross posting with the original starter of the thread.

    With regards to your issue, it sounds like a basic code error, either via the frag itself or a jquery call, both will be related to a jquery conflict, the only way we can check and give solutions to problems of this nature, is to view and check the source code of the offending page/site

    Therefore, you'd need to create your own thread and post a link to the problem so we have something to work with.

    Hope this helps
  • Oke Mick, I understand.
    Will upload the site tomorrow, start a new thread en send you the question.

  • No worries ;-)
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