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  • Hi, I downloaded to Sliding Gallery yesterday which I think will work well in my site but I need to make an adjustment; how do I make the image in the centre link to another page rather than a larger image of itself? Also is it possible to add a caption and short description to the photo in the centre?


  • Adam,

    According to the original vendors website, the option of adding captions should be possible but I have tried various ways from the code given and could not get this to work correctly.

    With regards to linking images to pages rather than a larger image, this is not possible with this particular gallery function as far as I can tell after reading documentation and again trying various pieces of code for hyperlinking.

  • Oh well, not as useful as i'd hoped then! but thanks for looking at options for me, appreciate it, and I'm sure I'll find a space for it somewhere.

  • My pleasure Adam ;)
  • Hi Mick, err as your there a way to at least stop it trying to do the enlarge when you click on the central image?

    I've used it on and it would be better without the enlarge.

    (you can see how the link would have been useful!)

  • Hi Adam,

    To be honest with you, I'm not sure, even though I do like how you have implemented it on your site, that this gallery function is really the one to use with what you want enabling and disabling, functions really are set via the creator of the original plugin and have various things you can and cant adjust via either js code or css, the only thing I can give you which may help you re-configure certain things, is a link to the original vendors code which you should be able to find here

    It's not a fix for your question, but it should shed a little more light for you with regards to editing the slider.

    Off Topic - Nice job on the site, very nicely put together ;-)

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