Mobile menu difficulties
  • Hi there. I have recently downloaded the mobile menu addon, however when I copy the code into the source code editor, it displays without a menu icon and just displays as a basic navigation list (basically just a simple site map format???) I have webplus X8 and pasted the code after both Master Page Body Start and Master A Body Start and the same thing happens. I haven't set my links up yet but I'm assuming this doesn't effect the basic formatting of the menu button. Could somebody please let me know what I'm doing wrong.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Matt,

    Sounds like you're adding the code to the correct place. I assume you've added the burger menu that triggers the addon to your page?

    If you can provide a link to the page it would be helpful as without anything to look at it can be difficult to asses where you may be going wrong.

    If you've not yet published your mobile site you can create a test area using the instructions found here:

    Hope that helps
  • Hi Neil. Thanks for your prompt reply. I fear that I have not added the burger menu (unless by accident) as I don't even know what it is. I'm sure I am doing something very stupid, however here is a link to the page which I have just hidden within the main site at the moment;
  • The burger menu are the 3 lines that are pressed to open the menu. You need to make sure you've included the addon to the page before anything will work - the code you've added only adds the links. The addon itself adds burger menu, the code and scripts required to make the mobile menu function.

    Refer back to the help file to fully understand how to install the addon, if you have any questions, let us know!

  • Ah ok, that would be why then. I can't seem to find the pack in my downloads and the link is now saying I have no downloads remaining. Is there any way you could please refresh the downloads so I can try and download the file asset pack again?
    Many thanks
  • Matt, if you have unpacked the zip file which I'm guessing you have in order to obtain the code information from the text file, you will also see a files called Mobile-Menu-X7-v1.0.wpack and Mobile-Menu-X6-v1.0.wpack

    You need to open Webplus and from the Asset tab, select the button at the top that says "Open" (not browse) then locate the correct file in the unpack folder on your PC, once you select to open, the asset will sit on the page content tab and its from here, you drag the asset on to the page.

    See how you go with that recipe ;-)
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