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  • Hia
    I wonder if you could help I have bought the mobile menu and downloaded it, and its looking good. I have only one problem I have got 3 master on my mobile site due to the amount of information for certain pages. My mobile home Master is Master C and all pages link to master C are working great but I have a master D and a Master E on the mobile site which the menu doesnt work, I have tried to copy the mobile buttons and pasted it on to the other masters but when previewed it doesnt work. How can I correct this please
  • Hi Darren and thanks for your purchase,

    I'm not 100% certain how you have got your mobile set up within Webplus with regards to Master Pages etc but I would imagine from what you have stipulated, you have added the HTML frag box (The add-on itself) to Master Page C and then selected the home page and then pressed ALT+S to get to the source code (Can't be done with a Master Page selected) then finding the <!--Master Page C Body Start--> or <!--Master C Body Start--> code (cant tell you exactly what it is with being away from my normal machine today and going only via memory) and finally adding the menu code to this section of the HTML code.

    If this is the case, then you also need to add the HTML Frag box to the other master pages and also again choose the home page, press ALT+S to access the source code and then locate the other Master Page body start sections and re-apply the code to those sections also.

    Let us know if that sorts the problem out for you.
  • Thanks for your quick responce I have sorted it now and all looking good. Thanks
    I am looking to purchase the page flip next, does this work on the mobile site as well?
  • Hi Darren,

    Glad to hear Mick's advice helped :)

    The Page Flip will work on mobile devices, but take a look at the demo on your phone, it makes for very small pages so I wouldn't recommend adding it to a mobile site.

    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

  • Thanks Neil
    I have tried it on my phone and see what you mean. I am looking to have the page flip on my main website, but them I also need something for the mobile. I dont really want to go through a 3rd party company like Issuu. (Issue site works well and it the type of style I would look at ) have you got any suggestions.
    Thanks Darren
  • Hi Darren,

    I think the only option would be to place the pages in the mobile version directly on the page for visitors to view, this might cause an issue where the writing might be too small though so would be worth testing it first.

    Alternatively you could add some text recommending visitors turn their phone to landscape orientation and have the page flip on a wider page that can then be viewed okay on a mobile device.

    Hope that gives you some ideas
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