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  • How do you change the slider to have 4 in the list instead of 3? I need to change the height to allow for 4, including a 4th picture and link.

  • Hi Lloyd,

    To change the Featured List Slider from its default status of 3 lists to 4 lists, you are going to have to add more HTML code as well as CSS edits.

    Try the recipe below and play about with the px settings until you get it exactly how you want it to work with all 4 lists.

    First in the HTML frag box for the addon, copy and paste a full section from each of the 2 sections already implemented, examples below

    <a href="javascript:;">
    <span>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect</span>

    <img src="featured-list/01.jpg" />
    <a href="#">See project details</a>

    Make sure when you paste these 2 sections to the correct div id's, you paste them before the last one in each section and not after the last one, the last one in each section has the ul close tag of </ul> and must stay where it is.

    You will now also have to add some css to the page to accommodate the extra space needed.

    Press ALT+S to get to the source code and locate this line of code already implemented.

    ul#output li a:hover { background: #CC0033; } /* Button Hover Colour */

    Place your cursor directly after the last / on this line and press enter to create a new editable area, then copy and paste the code below on the new line created.

    div#feature_list {
    height: 320px;
    ul#output li a {
    bottom: -80px;
    right: 0px;

    The settings above "should" give you something not far off what you need, however, as previously mentioned, you may have to play around with the px values to get it exact.

    Hope this helps and do let us know how you get on.
  • Worked great. Thanks!
  • Excellent, glad that worked for you and thanks for the update ;-)
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