Full Width Slider for Xara
  • Would you be able to provide the Full Width Slider for Xara?
  • Not possible Sean, we only provide Webplus addons I'm afraid, as stipulated on the website and quoted below for you.

    Enhance the look and usability of your Serif WebPlus Website
    With the Best Addons, Plugins and Assets available for WebPlus

    You would need to source a slider (search for free jquery image sliders) and then add the code needed via Xara and probably using something like the placeholder function.

    As an example, try the Xara forums and one such link giving instructions on how to add the Nivo slider will probably help you more, check the 8th post down in this thread


    Hope this helps
  • Thank you Mick. I assume webplus then will live a long life.
  • The software itself will continue to work, its just Serif have given up on their plus range and will not be updating or patching them as they are concentrating solely on their affinity range, anybody using things such as smart objects or using the SWR as their contact form processing script will surely fall over and die, in the not so distant future, as and when Serif decide they no longer wish to run or update this part of their company, sad times really, but that's it in a nutshell.
  • Mick your the best. Possibly then or prior to then your company may adopt xara development like you have done with Serif.
  • You never know ;-)
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