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  • Hi Not really sure what i have done wrong, Ive just added the mobile menu to a new site but something has gone wrong. The mobile menu is showing as navigation on the desktop site in top left corner. This has within code pushed down the header info on site. Can any point me in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance
  • Maybe a link to the site in question will help, with nothing to see or work with, it's like asking us how long a piece of string is.

    If you need help uploading to a temp space on your server, have a look at Neil's tutorial on the link below

    Hope this helps
  • HI mike
  • On a quick look (running out of time here) it seems you have added the mobile menu to a master page, first make sure that all your desktop pages are associated with one master page (Say MP A) and all your mobile pages are associated with another master page (Say MP B)

    Then add the mobile frag asset to the mobile master page and finally chose a page within your mobile version and then when you press ALT+S to add the navigational menu code taken from the included text file, search and find something like <!--Master B Body Start--> and not the default master page body start code of <!--Master A Body Start--> which would then add the mobile menu to your desktop version.

    Choosing the correct page (Mobile or Desktop) prior to pressing ALT+S will then give you access to the correct master page code to edit.

    Hope this helps and let us know if that sorts the issue for you.
  • Hi Mick, Yes that worked a treat. Not quite as straight forward as I expected when buying, But with a little help from yourself now a working mobile and desktop site.
  • Excellent, glad that got your sorted Dom and thanks for the update ;-)
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