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  • Greetings! I installed the Accordion add on per the instructions. However, I can't seem to locate it in the Assets tab. Where is it located? Thanx! Scott
  • Hi Scott,

    Have a look at the second post in the thread link below

    You basically unpack the zip file and choose "Open" from the asset window and once the wpack file has been opened, check the page content tab and drag it onto the page and then use the PDF file to help with any configurations.

    Hope this helps
  • Got it figured out. I had a previous version installed from an earlier version of WebPlus. Now my next question seems that if I put more than one instance of Accordion on a page, the interfere...won't stay open and won't show the background colors that I have embedded.
  • 2 get more than one accordion on the same page (don't know why you need more than one when you can simply add more sections to a single accordion) you will need to change the jquery reference and div class calls to represent another name or you end up trying to call the same thing twice and things begin to go pear shaped

    Open the Frag Box of the 2nd accordion and change this


    To this:


    Then scroll further down the code until you come to the div class and change this

    <div class="accordion">

    To this

    <div class="accordion2">

    That should then give you 2 accordions that wont clash and should both work side by side, what you can't do is to have different colour's for each accordion because they use the same CSS calls, if you are confident enough writing CSS code, you could make it work by forcing each accordion to use its own css file but this is out of the realms of our normal support here for default settings of the add-on, so that would have to be a trial and error basis on your part.

    Hope this helps
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