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  • Hi

    Ive just downloaded the mobile menu, am trying to follow the instructions but I don't see what they say I should see. Also first question: When using a hybrid site which master do you use?

  • Right, I wanted to delete my previous hash up comment and start again but can't see how to do it. apologies.

    So, I have gone to my mobile master B and havescrolled down and found the right reference, however it appears twice and I dont understand what it means in the instructions when it says paste directly after? On thh white bit? Grey bit? before or after the div text? Ive tried clicking and pasting but it wont have any of it anywhere

    Wtat am I doing wrong please :-(
  • Hi Julie,

    Link us to the page in question, then we can check your code via a source view and hopefully tell you where you are going wrong. If you have a redirect set up on the mobile page, you will have to remove it so that we can check the mobile page via a desktop view other wise it will direct us back to your main site and we cannot view source code via a mobile device.

    Hope this helps

    *Note* I'll delete your other posts above for you ;-)

    *Note* If you also cannot see the <!--Master B Body Start--> in your source view via ALT+S then you need to click on the button at the very top left that says "! Show default text" this will toggle on and off the code within the page. If you find the Master B Body Start code, place your cursor directly after the last > on that line and press enter, this will create a NEW white editable area for you to copy and paste the code needed.
  • Hi Mick, my re-direct isnt working (post on the serif forum) I set the desktop home page up to redirect to it and it just says not found

    Thanks for deleting the other randomness! I havent been able to post the code anywhere as I dont know where to put it..... I found 2 instances of the master body bit but had no idea where to paste and it wouldnt let me when I clicked on a few places. Would you be able to show a screen shot of where to put it please?
  • I would seriously consider getting your redirect right before contemplating adding the mobile menu, at the moment after looking at the Serif Community posts you have been making, the reason you cant find your mobile site and get the re-direct working is because the mobile pages are not in the right place and I'm not sure if you are creating sub domains or sub folders.

    What you DONT want is a sub domain because it will mean your site changes for the mobile version to something like MOBILE.YOURDOMAIN.CO.UK instead you need a sub folder so the mobile site then ends up like YOURDOMAIN/MOBILE

    Just create another FTP account in Webplus and use exactly the same information you use to connect to your main website, but in the new account and in the folder field add the folder name you will choose for your mobile version, preferably called mobile.

    The last post I made above tells you where to add the code for the mobile menu and it will be totally down to what master page you have that the code needs to apply to.

    Hope this helps a little more
  • Hi Mick, thanks. I am a little confused though, I am only using a sub domain to test the site while I add the mobile function. I am using the main site and ading in mobile pages so I can't upload on a new FTP or it will overwrite the main site. So a hybrid site, so there shouldnt be any need to have a separate place for the mobile files - well thats what I understand from the tutorial?

  • If you add another ftp account using the same information you are using now but add a folder name in the folder field, you will NOT overwrite your original site because everything gets uploaded to the folder you stipulate and NOT in the same directory as your main site files.

    If your main site files get uploaded to a folder called public_html for example, then in the new ftp account you should use public_html/mobile if you don't need a folder name in your main site ftp account, then just add mobile in the folder name box

    Take a look at the FTP manager of Webplus on the link below to understand what it does, you really need to get the basics under control before you delve deeper into other stuff and please don't take this the wrong way as its posted as help and not detrimental.

    Webplus FTP Manager
  • But Mick, the original site is on a totally different server. Why Can't I just upload this to my test site and it work. It makes no sense.

    I shouldnt need a totally new FTP when I am already using a totally different one to the main site.

    I dont need another FTP, I just the test site to link to the pages its directed to rather than to the main site, I have no idea how it is even doing that.
  • To clarify, the main site is on LCN, my test server 1&1
  • If you are using 2 different hosting servers, 1 for main the other for mobile, then the redirect on your main site should use the full url path to the home page of your mobile version including the http://www and also any sub folder the mobile version is sitting in as well as the page name. Just adding the mobile page name will not work because the sites are in different environments.

    For example:

    Apart from that, you are best sticking to the Serif C+ forum because we should only be talking about addon issues here and not Webplus itself.

    Hope this helps more
  • I have an idea.... I used the same test site to test the main site. so the files will still me in there. I need to delete all the main site files from test server and start again, or try it on a new test subdomain. I will try it later, I have to pop out now
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