• just downloaded hover-zoom. made the folder hover-zoom. inserted a test pik saved as 01.jpg in 400x400 pixel. dragged the hover-zoom icon onto my web page. see buncha html. totally lost at this point. help
  • i've played with it a bit and got an image (01.jpg) to display and zoom. but i cannot insert a second image (02.jpg) to even display on the page.
    also, can i use additional text to identify the image such as "01-red ball.jpg" and "02-green ball.jpg"?
  • ok. got it to take a second and third pik. but it dispalys them in a column and in a default size. can i alter that?
  • Hi jlroch,

    The hover zoom works in columns by default and also is set to a default size and the only option you have unless you are fully conversant with both CSS and JavaScript and be able to add your own code modifications, is to change the image sizes via the CSS code already added to the HTML frag box (the asset you have dragged onto the page)

    Double click it and scroll and locate this code

    .gallery ul li {

    You can now adjust the 200px values to something else, a little smaller or larger, this will change both the thumbnail view and also the hover image, obviously, the column widths will change also depending on how much bigger or smaller you go.

    That's about the only information we can give you as changing anything else would require considerable knowledge in the above 2 mentioned languages to get the addon to do something else other than its default settings.

    Hope this helps
  • how are the columns/rows determined?
  • Resizing the actual html frag box will adjust column/row width but only the code already given above will change image sizes, anything other than this will be a major task, code wise.

    Publish the page/site to disk rather than publish to web, then you will have access locally on your PC/Laptop, to a file called raphael.js - open this file in a text editor, then scroll and view the code and you will then understand the task in hand for other edits.
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