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  • Hello,

    can somebody help me, please? I was unable to insert Accordion Addon properly. It works fine in an empty page, but it does not when I insert it in an existing project. I have uploaded a sample page to I would like to use Accordion addon in Buy and Audio sections. So that the section opens up when you click a plus sign. Another thing I would like to improve is inserting audio player with playlist instead of a list of audio tracks.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Vadim,

    Normally failures like this would be down to jquery conflicts but because I cannot see the accordion actually added to the page you have linked us to, it's hard to try and find where the problem is, when debugging code, we need to see the full page that is failing to show the addon itself and not just a page where you used to have it before removing it due to not working.

    If the page you have linked us to supposed to show the failed accordion addon, then the failure will be on your part because you have not added it correctly to the page, nowhere in your source code on the link provided can I see code calls and references to the accordion addon, we should at least be seeing code such as the ones shown below if the addon was added correctly.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="smk-accordion.css" />
    <script type="text/javascript" src="smk-accordion.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    showIcon: true, // Show plus or minus icon
    animation: true, // Animation on or off, use false for off
    closeAble: true, // Click to close, true or false
    slideSpeed: 200 // Animation speed in milliseconds

    And I see none of the above added to your page

    Hope this helps a little
  • Hi Mick,

    thank you very much for answering. I tried to insert Acordion by pulling from Assets tab into the document and by adding through Insert > HTML fragment, but still I see that both ways are wrong:
    In the second example I inserted that code you gave in your post.
  • Hi again,

    You can't use the option of just copying the code I've given you above and hope it works which it wont because you also need the other files associated with the accordion addon such as the css file and the js file.

    Providing you have purchased the accordion addon, you need to first unzip the download so you can see the wpack files (these are the asset files) and then in Webplus, choose the OPEN button above the Asset tab which is on the left hand side of the webplus work window, once you have located the wpack file and clicked ok to load it, if you then go to the Page Content tab under the assets window, you should see the addon loaded and ready to be dragged onto the page.

    Once on the page, read the PDF help file for any other configurations needed.

    At the moment from the 2 links you given me above, the server does not contain the necessary files needed to run the addon, so you are certainly not doing something correctly, I should be able to find the accordion css file as one example but if search your URL address for it, I get a 404 Error page because the files are not where they should be

    Above is one example why its not working.


    Right I think I have found your problem and that is your file paths are incorrect, all through your site without the addon added to it, you are calling for files outside of the root of the server via things like this

    <a href="../../Kontakt.html">

    And should be

    <a href="Kontakt.html">

    And the reason the addon may not be working is your code for the addon files are using the correct path of

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="smk-accordion.css" />

    But cannot be found because the files are outside the root on the server and in another folder

    Which can be found if I visit the following full path of

    If file paths don't match their actual source code paths, then it's impossible for things to work correctly

    Hope this helps
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