problem with accordian slider
  • hello. ive made 4 images to the 900 x 400 size and all together their size is 1,2megs. Ive added the slider to top of page and when viewed it shows the text but no pictures. I made new folder in file manager and added pics their to.
    Any help would do.
  • Hi Kev,

    Please post a live link to the problematic accordion slider so we can check the code from a source view and hopefully debug it. We have no idea what could be wrong when we have nothing to see or work with.

    Hope this helps
  • It doesn't look as though the addons been installed properly. The first file I checked is not on the server:

    Try reinstalling the addon and see how that goes.

    EDIT: Just checked an image file and that's missing too:

    Make sure you've created the file structure to house the image files as detailed in the help file that came with the template.

  • hello. Ive reloaded everything, checked the file manager and all seems to be there but it still comes up with no pictures.
  • You must be doing something wrong with regards to the upload or the files are NOT in the correct folder on the server, we still cannot see the first image via this link

    And get a 404 error, page or file missing and cannot be found

    Your images MUST sit in a folder called accordion-slider on the server and at present, they are not there

    There is an improvement because the missing file icons have now moved on your page which tells us the CSS file is there controlling the layout

    Do a FULL upload and not an incremental one but make sure you create a folder in the file manager of Webplus and name it accordion-slider, open this folder and place all your images (01.jpg to 04.jpg) within this folder prior to uploading
  • Ok I found one error. I had an A in accordian instead of an O accordion. I deleted all files off server and re-uploaded. now I can see the pics but they all under one another and wording is on top of each other.
  • Try removing anything else you have added to the page that uses the jquery function directly from within webplus such as sliders, there is obviously a clash somewhere and the accordion slider isn't playing ball with the other jquery object you've added.

    I've tried the accordion here on a blank page and its fine, the moment I drop a webplus slider on the same page, then I get the same results as you and with their being a no conflict code already added to the accordion, I don't think there is any other way around it, so the page has to be jquery free before you add the accordion slider to it.
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