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  • Hi,
    This is a weird one, I can't seem to position the pop up contact form on the page where I want it. I want it on the left, but if I put it there on the WPP page it publishes it somewhere else - towards the right. Please see what I mean here :


    Can you suggest what to do please?

    Many thanks, Sam
  • Sam,

    By default, the panel holding the contact form is set to align with browser, choose the panel in the objects tab (the right hand side of the work window) and right click it and choose edit panel, then remove the tick in the box for align panel to browser window. You can now place the contact button anywhere on your page.

    Hope this helps and let us know if that sorts the issue for you
  • Thanks for that Mick. I'm afraid I can't find the tick box for align panel to browser window in the edit panel dialogue - I've been through all the menu tabs on that dialogue box and still can't find it (Panel / Actions / ID Anchor / Tasks / CSS Properties / Custom Html Properties)

    Could you clarify please?

  • Edit Panel > CSS Properties > Position

    That should do the trick ;-)
  • Ah got it, thanks very much Mick!
  • No worries ;-)
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