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  • Hi hope you can help. I have purchased your add on pack some time ago and just recently I have been playing with mobile menu add on. I have created a website with a mobile site in webplus x8. I have added the mobile menu and done my redirects and published my sites. Everything works as should i.e. Main website opens on pc etc and mobile site opens on iPhone etc.
    My problem is the size of the site on the mobile device. When I open the site on an iPhone everything is very small. The drop down button for the menu is very small and when I click it the menu appears from the left but again the writing is so small I have to magnifyi it just to see what it says. I have made my page at the recommended 320px wide. I assume that the menu should fill the screen when clicked?
    Sorry if this is not the proper place to ask this question but thought I would start here since it's an add on
  • Hi,

    You've certainly come to the right place :)

    It sounds as though there might be something on your page or slightly off the page that's causing the issue. First check that the pasteboard (the area around the page) doesn't have anything it shouldn't do on it and if it does, try removing it.

    If you're still having problems, can you post a link to the live page so we can try to debug? If the site's not yet live you can follow the instructions here to learn how to create a test area on your server:

    Hope that helps
  • Hi chameleon,

    No need for apologises as this "IS" the right place to post about addon queries.

    Not sure I understand your phrase of "The drop down button" if you are referring to the actual burger menu (3 small lines as the navigation element) you can make this any size you like by clicking each Quick Rectangle within the panel via the objects tab (right side of the work window) making sure that elements changed within the panel, remain within the panels outer bounding area, you may have to drag the panel out a little larger depending how much bigger you make the 3 lines, once at your desired size for each of the 3 lines, make the green square (hot spot, hyperlink) larger so it covers all the 3 newly formed lines.

    With regards to the text not being easily seen, this can be changed inside the frag box (top box inside the panel) by changing the code variables, default code shown below

    <style type="text/css">

    .mm-menu {background: #333333;} /* Menu background colour */
    .mm-list {font-family: "Arial", Helvetica, sans-serif; /* Menu font family */
    font-size: 14px; /* Menu font size */
    color: #888888;} /* Menu font colour */


    Change the font size from default 14px to the size you need and also changing the color hex value from its default #888888 to say pure white #ffffff may give you a better readable menu.

    Hope this is of some help
  • Hi Neil, Mick

    thanks for the replys. I have made the changes you have suggested and i'm getting there. I just have to play around with the settings now to get it looking the way I want.
    Many thanks for your help.

  • Our pleasure William ;-)
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