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    I have just purchased your mobile website template and have a quick question re the contact form. I notice that it is using serif for handling the form. Can this be changed to use something other than Serif to process the form? I like the idea of being in control of my form and not having to rely on serif to do this for me;-)


  • William,

    This forum is for addons only and any template questions should be posted on the relative template support forum -

    However, the answer to your question is "Yes" it can be changed by double clicking the form and editing the Form Submission function from Serif Web Resources to something else such as a script from my hard drive or remote script (somewhere on line) what you DO NOT want to do is to set it to use an email address as this would rely on the end user having an email client installed such as outlook and with most users using web based email clients such as Yahoo or Gmail or Hotmail etc, the form would not work, plus you would be adding your email address to the source code and this would be picked up by spam roaming bots and sooner or later you will start to be bombarded with spam mail.

    When choosing a script from my hard drive, you would need to create a php processing script via something like forms to go (lite) by Bebosoft or have a look at the generic script by tectite.

    That's about the best help we can give you and hope it helps somewhat, you may get more informative answers regarding scripts for forms if you post over on the serif community forum where you'll get answers from a multitude of users -
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