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  • Hello
    I have a few questions with the Galerie website, I purchased a few weeks ago. Based on my ignorance I think.
    Does the text "images/thumbs/01.jpg change automatically when I change the temporary photo with one of my own, or do I have to change the HTML for every photo.
    I understand that Contact is simple way for me to receive emails. But I don't understand where I have to include my email address.
    Hope I have been clear
    Many thanks
  • Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for buying :)

    You need to update the text to reflect the names of your images. For example if you images are called 'shoe.jpg' the code would need to say: images/thumbs/shoe.jpg

    And the same goes for the images that are stored in the fullscreen folder.

    For the contact form you can either use the Serif Webresources route or use a script. To access the options for the form, double click the frame the form sits on.

    In future it's best to post your question in the relevant support forum which is here:

    Hope that helps
  • Thank you Neil,
    Apologies, will find the support forum next time.
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