How to put a Hyperlink in a Accordion?
  • Looking how to put Hyperlink on a word in a Accordion Script. Maybe a detail how to write the script.
    Here is a link what I'm try to go for If someone can help me out. Thank You!
  • Hi,

    Firstly, the link you have provided doesn't work because you have dots after the faq forward slash but I have managed to find the actual accordion you are comparing to.

    To add hyperlinks to a word in the accordion, you would wrap the word you need with the hyperlink reference like you would any other link.

    So if you have the sentence in your accordion on the lines of something like:

    Clicking this link here would take you to Google

    And you wanted the word Google to be the hyperlink, open the accordion frag box and wrap the word Google like this

    <a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>
    Add the http:// before in the code above, I've left it out of the example because it wasn't showing a correct reference due to how the forum post editor deciphers code here, ANY hyperlink you create MUST have a full URL Address to be able to function correctly.

    Everything in the first lot of < > tags is the actual target link which is the google website and the target blank, opens the reference in a new window so the user doesn't actually leave your site, if you didn't want a new window, just take out the target="_blank" This code is placed BEFORE the word you want to hyperlink, then just close the hyperlink reference with the close tag AFTER the word you have chosen by using </a>

    You can create a word hyperlink or even a sentence hyperlink by simply placing the close tag AFTER the last word you need to be an hyperlink.

    Hope this helps
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