Pop-up menu Serif Template excell
  • Team,
    I've bought almost every addon you have in store, but I'm looking for one that's not available.
    The addon I want to buy, is the main menu in this website http://seriftemplates.com/excell/.

    This menu pops up after the main picture is scrolled down. I found alternatives on the web, but they don't work like this. I don't need the whole website, just the menu. Any change I can purchase this separately?
  • Unfortunately Henk, you can't purchase something that hasn't been released as an add-on but maybe Neil has plans to release a version of this navigation element in the not so distant future. Sorry I can't give you better news at the moment.
  • Sorry to hear.
    Say, that I don't want to wait until it's released as an addon, can I simply take it from the website and use it in other projects?
    Personally I think I will sell as an addon since it has nice futures build into it.

    Although a heavy investment for only the menu.

    Thanks though for your reply Mick
  • I think you'll have to wait for Neil's response to this and see what he can suggest because even if you brought the template and I agree a heavy investment just for the menu, you may not get it work in other projects due to code and file implementation from template to another site, we have information about this on the read before posting sticky thread over on the template support forum.


    Hope this helps a little more
  • Thanks Mick,
    I red most of the threads about this excell website. Still hope that Neil can release info of how to use the menu as a separate item. Placing additional code and shifting around css en js files is not a problem for me.

    It's all about; where to place the code.

    I look forward to hear from your team.

    Rgds, from Crete
  • I've sent you an email to the address associated with your login here because I may just have found something that will work for you and have now configured a webplus project file for testing purposes, check your mail ;-)
  • Hi Mick,

    I received your email and replayed as requested.
    Thanks......waiting for your email ;)
  • Hello Mick,
    I can't express my thanks enough in sending me this webplus project file for testing purpose.

    It has all the information I need to implement this wonderful menu into my new project. Even the step by step help of how to use it. The same way I'm used to with all the addons I've already bought with you.

    Keep up the good work and I will buying more of your addons and webplus templates as they appear in the future.

    Again, thanks for the all the assistance you've given me over the years for all the addons.


  • My pleasure Henk and thanks for the feedback ;-)
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