Background video
  • How can you size the background video to work like the HIKE template?
  • In a nutshell Drudder "You Can't"

    The addon script for "Full Background" is a totally different script and code than it is for the Hike Template
  • where can I get a script that will work for banner video>?
  • I did this site and now he wants to see it w video instead of a slider
  • Your best option is to search the web for something like "jquery video background" we can't however support what ever addon you decide to use and also we probably wouldn't be able to support the template fully that you have used which looks like the Construction Template via our sister support forum with you changing its default content.

    Hope this helps a little more
  • if I went off base, i would not expect support, I understand. Thank you Mick. Sure wish you guys had it as an addon, I would buy it today!!!
  • Maybe a possibility in the future but this is Neil's choice really not mine ;-)
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