Music Player in Webplus X8
  • Well, I have fallen at the first fence. Instructions don't seem to be absolutely clear - unless I'm doing something wrong here. Have added the file into Assets as instructed but will not drag into the page.. Any thoughts? Tnx.
  • Hi,
    When you "open" the asset file from the unpacking of the add-on zip file, the player should be loaded on the content page, it's from this page you drag the asset onto your page and then configure it from the included help file.

    Check out the 2nd post in the thread link below for a better understanding of loading the asset

    Hope this helps
  • Hi there thanks for the reply, but unfortunately it doesn't help.
    I have "opened" the Music-Player-X7+X8-v2.0 file (using Assets/Open). A sort of icon shows in the Resource Files tab, but nothing in the Page Content tab. The former will not drag onto the page.
    If I choose Browse in the Page Content tab there are numerous options but nothing clearly connected with a music player. I would add a screen print here but I cant see an option for that either. If you can clearly detail the procedure that would be helpful, as there is clearly an instruction missing I think, many tnx.
  • Although this isn't for the Music Player, it should hopefully show where you may be going wrong installing the addon:

    Addon Installation
  • Also as a further pointer to Neil's video link, when you "Open" the asset file (Music-Player-X7-v2.0.wpack) you will "Not" see the normal view of the actual asset on the page content tab and will see something like a transparent background with a slight outline and no addon name (as shown in the image attached below. This had something to do with how Serif changed the format of the addon content within an asset file and will now (with some addons) be harder to see it has been loaded.

    Again, hope the these 2 posts are helpful to you
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