Smooth Scroll Addon UPDATE: Fix scrolling issue in Chrome
  • Hi all,

    It's become apparent there's an issue in Chrome where the click to smooth scroll function no longer works. This is due to an update Chrome developers have rolled out in version 61 of Chrome.

    But fear not, there is a fix, simply do the following:

    Download this zipped file and extract the contents somewhere on your machine, it contains a single jquery file (.js):


    Next in WebPlus, double click the large HTML Code Fragment that houses the code associated with the Smooth Scroll Addon and its files > Select the jquery.scrollto.js file in the bottom Files section of the window and Delete it > Click Browse and select the file you downloaded earlier and then Open, this has now updated the file to the latest version and the smooth scrolling will now work again.

    Preview in Chrome and all should be working as intended.

    Any questions or problems, post in the thread below.



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