music player on password protected pages
  • I am interested in the music player because the audioplayer that is part of Webplus X8 doesn't work on password protected pages (probably Flash).
    Does anyone know if the music player add on does work on secure pages? Is it HTML5?
  • Hi,

    If I remember rightly, when using the password protected pages via Webplus, this creates encrypted code which clashes with javascript code written to the source of the HTML file, therefore, I don't think the addon music player would work either.

    I can't test at the moment for you but I'm pretty sure it will not work with the page protection code written by Webplus.

    Hope this helps a little

    EDITED: As an update, I created a single page with just one text box and one image, set the page to use the page protected option provided by the Serif Web Resources function and then published to disk, tested the page and the login form was presented to login to the page, however, after adding the music player to the same page with the protection and again publishing to disk to test, there was no login box presented which confirmed my suspicion that the password encrypted code within the page, clashes with javascript and nothing then works.

    Again, hope this helps
  • Thanks for your comment, Mick.
    Do you know if there is a pure HTML mp3 player. I assume that should work.
  • Not sure that would work either to be honest as the page protection of Webplus encrypts most of the html code apart from the doctype and a few lines in the head tag section of the page, your best option is to see if your hosting provider via CPanel access can protect your pages, then hopefully it wont matter what you add to the page as it will probably not encrypt the whole of the html code. I've found in the past the page security provided by the software itself causes allsorts of problems with other site content.

    Sorry I cant help much more than this but hope it helps a little more
  • I have created my own protected page using the CPanel of my hosting here

    Login with (username) Mick (password) LetMeIn2018 (password is case sensitive)

    The protection of the page works and doesn't encrypt the page, plus the music addon we have works on the home page of a basic template taken from within the software and placed on the home page. This hopefully should prove, you would be far better off staying clear of the page security provided by Webplus

    *Note* Although the music player addon has been added successfully, it probably wont play any tracks because no files have been uploaded for this demo

    Hope this helps more
  • Thanks, I'll have a look at it.
    The problem is I know Webplus pretty well, but I don't know much about HTML and all that
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