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  • Hi. Been trying for hours now to get this working.
    add on pop up meeage.
    Will not work for me.
    Supposed to be on the following pages.

    https://www.uktvhub.com/contact.html & https://uktvhub.com/free.html

    Any help grateful please.

    Cheers, Kev
  • Kev,

    You are going to have to explain a little more with regards to the addon you are using "Pop Up Message" ????

    As far as I know, we have NO addon called pop up message
  • OK, I think I've managed to find out exactly what addon you are using and its the "Popup Contact Form" and NOT a popup message

    Here is where you might be going wrong with the addon, by default, the panel holding all the contact button is set to align with the browser and using "Right" and "Bottom" therefore, if you drag the asset file onto the page and place it at the top right of the page, on previewing, it wont show. So, you have 2 options, double click the large outer frame which is the panel and then choose the CSS Properties/Position tab

    You can now change it to Right & Top if you want it to show at the top of the page and will also remain in view whilst scrolling the page, OR, you can take out the tick in the box to Align to browser window, and the contact button will show EXACTLY on the page where you place it BUT will also move when scrolling the page, so the choice is yours on HOW you want the button to be placed and react when scrolling.

    Do let us know if this sorts your issue out and please ALWAYS use the addon name when asking for assistance as it does help us to react quicker to resolving your problems.
  • Hi Mick. Almost. I can now see it, but does not pop up. ?

  • Then you probably don't have the contact.php file uploaded to the server and in its own folder called contact. If this file is not in the right place on the server, the add-on won't work. Check the help PDF file that came with add-on to configure it correctly.
  • Think I have sorted. It seems not to like chrome. Thanks for help.
  • No worries ;-)
  • I spoke too soon. One thing I have noticed, when setting CSS to bottom right, save it etc it then goes back to all.
  • I have team viewer if you want a look ?
  • I don't understand your comment of "setting CSS to bottom right, save it etc it then goes back to all"

    What does "back to all mean"?

    I can team view you but it won't be until 6pm onwards (UK time) as I'm not at my work station until then.
  • Well you've missed tonight's window for a Team View session as I have to go but I should be about at the same time tomorrow evening (6pm - 8pm UK time) or just repost here if you have managed to sort your problem out with the popup contact form
  • The five ticks. All, top, middle etc. I tick bottom and right but when I save then go back, all are ticked again.
    Anyway, decided to redo site and all working OK now, just the publish to web I cannot get to work. All ftp settings OK, checked in Filezilla.
  • Hi Kev,

    Glad you managed to sort it.

    We can't help you with any publishing issues, best to check with your host that you're using the correct details. If you're still having problems, you can post here and someone should be able to advise: https://community.serif.com/forum/?products=webplus

  • Thanks Mick & Neil
  • Any problems known with it being added to Master page ?
  • Shouldn't be any issues running from a master page, just had a quick look at your link via a mobile device and could see the contact button on the first 2 pages but because of where you have it, you have to scroll slightly to get the button to show, the popup does now work by the way

    Hope this helps
  • Cheers Mick
  • Mick is the man! :)
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