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  • As a WebPlus X8 user I'm interested in the recently promoted Addon bundle, but with a reservation. My reservation is this: given the Serif plan to reduce accessibility to certain WebPlus features, will the items offered in the bundle continue to be usable beyond the the cut-off date of August 2018? This may or may not be the proper place for this comment, but oh well. As a long time WebPlus user dating back to version X5, I feel that a "sliding scale" discount should be available for long time users.
  • Hi,

    Yes, this is the right place for this kind of questions, thanks for asking :)

    The addons we offer don't use the features of SWR (Serif Web Resources) and are standalone so don't require anything other than what's embedded into them, such as the HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    They'll continue to work as long as WebPlus continues to work so you shouldn't have any fear of them breaking. We're also continuing to keep anything that needs updating, updated. Just a few weeks ago Chrome made an update that broke one of the addons and we had it fixed and all users notified within 24 hours:

    We've also done the same for our templates:

    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!
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