install addons to webplus resources
  • Hi, Just bought the addons pack, but I'm having difficulties getting webplus to recognise the files from the Zip extract file. There is no sign of them in the folder I've created for them. Going through web Resources to import isn't identifying the files. Would like to get started with some of the addons but I'm stuck! Any help appreciated.
  • Hi Erwin,

    Each addon is a wpack file once unzipped, you need to unzip an addon and then use the open button rather than the browse button on the asset tab, once you locate the wpack file and open it, it should then sit on the page content tab where you can then drag it onto the page

    Hope this helps a little more
  • Thanks Mick, Unfortunately when I try to unzip I'm getting an access denied message. So I end up with lots of empty folders and do wpack files! I can't even get to the step you mention. If you can think on any reason why I'm getting this message, I'd love to know. If not I'm thinking about asking for a refund as I don't have much more time to lose trying to get this to work. In addition Webplus x6 is playing up no end. Thanks
  • Hi Erwin,

    I don't understand why you should be getting access denied error messages, NONE of the downloaded zip files for ANY of the addons have any kind of protection with them and should be a simple step of just unzipping the file using what ever program you have installed on your system such as winzip or 7zip or even the windows right click/extract all function. You certainly wont see a wpack file until the zip file has been unpacked.
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