Background Gallery and Video does not appear on Web Plus 8
  • Background Gallery or video does not show on the page.

    (EDITED) Code not needed for this enquiry

    Create folder, add the images base on the file name on root/backgrounds.
    Nothing shows up.
    The page shows the HTML file is there.

    This is test website until I ready to lunch.
    many thanks in advance.
  • If Neil doesn't pick up on this thread before I'm back at my normal work station ( limited on what I can do at the moment) I'll check your source code and paths tomorrow and update this thread.
  • From a quick look at your source code and checking files & paths, your hosting server doesn't seem to have the uploaded to the default upload folder, all your images are in the correct place and so is the background-gallery-styles.css file but I can't access the file so this could be the reason the background gallery isn't working.
  • The problem is I can not even see that I preview....nor on live. My problem started when I couldn't see the preview.
  • If you can't preview via webplus & browser check your browser settings in case you have javascript disabled. But you still have issues on the server because the main js file is missing.
  • So sorry to bother you, but java is enable on my browsers. Chrome and firefox and edge are the same. donno what to do!
  • The only thing I can suggest is this.

    The site you have at present with the background gallery added, from the menu of Webplus choose File > Save as a package, this will hopefully include everything within your site and not leave any content linked and would embed everything, then save this file out to a new named file and send me your file via my dropbox link on the link below. I can then hopefully try and find out why you cant get this to work

    I probably can't get to work on your file until tomorrow (Monday) but I will certainly update this thread with any findings I come across, that's about the only thing left I can think of.
  • I did, also if it's possible, please take a look at the mobile page and Master E page.
    The font and menu are small, but if I decrease the page size it gets bigger on phone.
    I dont see that issue on tablet mode.
    Thanks Mick
  • I haven't received your packaged file via my dropbox, you may have to try and upload it again before I can do any checking
  • Ok, I think I've found what your problem is and although I said the file wasn't on the server, in theory it isn't because for some reason, this file is set to use a different name for the website file name than its default one which is needed because that's the true name of the file called using the correct code within the asset addon's HTML frag box and its now using this name jqueryvegasmin.js so therefore the code cannot call the file needed to run the addon.

    Try this recipe below:

    Double click the frag box to open it's properties, next click the small tab at the top left of the source editor called Files, next highlight the js file ( and on the top right once highlighted, click the Export options button, when this dialog window opens, choose the option of Choose Name and type this in the box exactly

    Then click the Root folder and finally click OK to close the source editor.

    The addon should then work both via preview in a browser directly from within Webplus and will also work when you next upload and update your website.

    Do let us know via this thread if this now fixes your addon problem ;-)
  • You are the man. I love that.
    So many thanks and cheers to you.
  • My pleasure ;-)
  • So sorry to ask you and bother you,
    How can I change this
    to this

    I am really sorry and no it's not relate to my subject.
    If you can't answer let me know and I will remove this.
  • We only support addon issues here and this is a Webplus question, therefore, you need to add your query to the serif community plus forum, link below for you.

    Hope this helps

  • Hello Mick
    So sorry to bother you here (I didn't know where should I write).
    Recently I order Template package from(
    The order was complete and processed, But I never get my User name and password.
    I tried the same ID and PW with this addon page, but It does not work.
    Could you please help and guide me how can I get that?
    The page is saying " You must receive an email regarding that. but I got nothing".
    Thanks again and so sorry again.
  • Hi,

    What are you trying to login to? The Serif Templates forum or the members area?

    If the latter, you'll receive the members area login before a template is released, should we decide to release one.

    If you want to login to the Serif Template forum, you need to create an account here:

    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

  • Hello Neil
    I purchased the whole bundle and wanted to get the member login.
    In fact the process link on the template shows Join as member.
    I am not sure I can have member login or not, but I will follow the link you've sent me and get the forum login UN and PW.
    Please let me know.

  • Hi,

    You're now a member but won't receive login details until a new template is released, but I'm not even sure if that will happen. You're not missing anything, the members area only has links to templates that can be bought half price.

    Please however feel free to create a forum account so you can ask any questions relating to the templates in the relevant forum.

    Many thanks
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