Pop Up Message that moves on page
  • Hi, I need to put the contact us box in a position on the page that moves with the page as the viewer scrolls up and down. (ie does not stay static, covering other areas of the website as the viewer scrolls from top to bottom.).
    I have tried to alter settings in the position box to no avail. Can it be done or do I need to find a different contact form.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi,

    If you double click the main fragbox holding the code and image, then choose the CSS Properties tab and then open the Position tab, you then only need to remove the tick in the box that says "Align to browser window" - Removing this option will allow you to place the addon anywhere on the page for it's position and will also scroll on the page along with the rest of the page content.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks, it now works a treat, why couldn't I figure that one out? Thanks again.
  • No worries & my pleasure ;-)
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