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  • Hi just joined the group and need help with a problem, on my website I have several password protected pages following advice from
    other sources I use my web host (easyspace) password word protection the pages which are to be protected are placed into a folder which is then password protected all works well then I noted that on two pages where I use the 'back to the top' addon it doesn't work ! On other pages outside the pwp folder all's ok just those within the folder would welcome any suggestions as to how to fix
  • Hi Harry,

    I would imagine this would be down to the associated files for the add-on (css & js) not being in the protected folder itself and only reside in the root folder where Webplus uploads to, therefore, you would probably need to publish to disk rather than publish to web and then manually upload the addon files to your protected folder, or change the code in the pages that are not working and call the files outside of the protected folder via ../ before the main code

    Hope this helps a little
  • Hi Mick thanks for the comment, I rarely publish to the web most times I upload from 'disc' I have followed advice and set up webplus to save the pages to the pwp folder and I'm careful to upload them, whilst talking about save to disc if I view the page via the disc the add on still doesn't work !
    It's not overly important that back to top works the pages in question it get's to me that I cant find out why :-)

    Cheers H
  • Harry, if you give us a link to the problematic site/page we can take a look at the source code and try and find the issue. If the pages require a login and you don't wish it to be public, drop the information to my email address, and I'll have a look later.


    The above is an image and not an hyperlink so you would need to type the address in manually within your email client (done for spam reasons)

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick many thanks for your offer but I must decline the pages contain details of my club members, and the GDPR issue it's getting silly
  • No worries Harry and sorry I can't help further with this request
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