Popup Contact Form not working
  • I am having issues getting the Popup Contact Form working

    The URL for you to check is http://www.sealinkhistoricferries.org/NEW/index.html

    However the contact form doesn’t appear to be popping up, I have checked the instructions over and over again but cannot see where the configuration is wrong.

    Can someone Help ?
  • It is probably down to your file paths, if I remember correctly, the addon specifies you MUST have the contact.php situated inside a folder called contact, therefore, because you are using a sub directory (called NEW) on your testing site, the file needs to be here


    Plus I also do not see the actual contact button on the homepage, I only see it if I click the link for the contact page and that path link also changes because you have the contact page called index.html (index.html is only really used for any home page of a site) and it also sits in yet another sub folder of the original sub folder (NEW) called contactus and the link looks like this


    So the addon is never going to work, consider organising your sites pages correctly and see how you go.

    Hope this helps
  • OK so i have uploaded it to the live version of the web site and it still does not work!

    URL is now www.sealinkhistoricferries.org
  • P.S. You should see the Contact Us Button at the top of the page beside the Language Selector
  • I'm looking at the site of http://www.sealinkhistoricferries.org and I not only don't see the contact button, I can't even find the addon code within the source code of your page, this tells me that the addon has not been added correctly, if at all on the link you've given.
  • It's strange that the contact page is sat in a subdirectory, is this intentional?

  • I thought the same thing Neil on his earlier testing and why would you have a contact page called index.html, normally something like contact.html would be the correct file name, I certainly wouldn't have multiple file names called index.html or have site files sitting in different named sub folders, just doesn't seem a logical thing to do.
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