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  • Due to the fact that a former bought contactform through serif does not function anymore – thanks to google/chapta – I recently bought a new one. After trying hard to get it working, I am confronted with the fact that it does not. Most likely it’s because of me, but, I followed the instructions strictly. Please just check http://www.bijbels-perspectief.nl/page81.html for the outcome. No form to be seen, just a contact buttom...
    Because I use the form for Dutch readers only I need the fields that need to be filled in in Dutch also. Nowhere can I find instructions how to alter this. Please help!!
  • Hi,

    To modify the field entries for the pop up form, you would need to carefully edit the contact.php file making sure you only edit/rename the actual label names and nothing else or it will fail to make all the necessary code calls to other files needed to make the addon work.

    If the form is not working for you then this could be down to 1 of 3 reasons, (1) You have a jquery conflict because there are other things added to the page that uses the jquery.js file and is conflicting with this particular item and the popup contact form, removing these jquery items and just running the form on the page alone, will let you find and know where the conflict lies (2) You do not have PHP installed on the hosting server which is needed to run this particular addon and finally (3) All files of this addon need to be in the root of your server apart from one file and that is the contact.php file which MUST sit in a sub folder called contact or again, the addon will not function correctly.

    I have edited MY version of the popup contact form to contain Dutch labels and can be seen in the image attached. However, our PHP coding skills here are very limited, so this is something out of the realms of our normal support but hope it helps some what.

  • Hi Mick,

    Thanks for your respons. The form you show looks good but no such form appears on the given link (http://www.bijbels-perspectief.nl/page81.html), only a floating contact button. I am afraid that your reaction does not help at this moment. I want a working add-on and don't want a floating contactbutton that does not work. And as far as your answer goes, what do I need to alter in the code?
  • I have already told you what you need to alter, code wise, you need to edit the CONTACT.PHP script to make the changes to the forms label names.

    I cannot give you any more information, other than what I have already given you because there isn't any more to give.

    The popup contact form DOES WORK other wise we would be bombarded with forum posts saying it doesn't, therefore, the problems you have with it not working, are client side with the explanations given to you in my first posts.

    jQuery problems on the page you have added the form to
    PHP is not installed on the hosting server
    contact.php file is NOT in a server folder called contact.

    You need to check all 3 of the above because your problem is most definitely one of them and we ourselves cannot rectify issues that relate to client errors or server issues.
  • I checked all 3!! It's not working just like it did not work for sealink!
  • PHP is installed on the hosting server!
    contact php file is in a server folder called contact
    As 71 year old I don't have a clue what you mean by jQuery problems, let alone have an idea how to fix it if needed and where to look for in that case!
  • Please try this.

    Create a single page test website, add the popup contact form to it after you have edited the contact.php file so that it is associated to an email address you have access to and then upload it to a test area on your hosting server and test it.

    If that works with nothing else added to the page, this will prove the server is fine and the add-on works so the problem MUST lie with something else added to your original page you have the form on. Please also provide a link to this test page whether it works or not then we have something to work with and compare to your original unworking test site, providing of course, you still have the original not working site on the server which at present I can no longer find.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick,

    A few days ago the server migrated it’s clients’ content to the cloud and since that time there are some irregularities with connecting to the website, like unable to connect, the internet server is not found, page can’t be found, navigation bar not found etc. I notified the server and it seems things are accessible now.

    Thanks for your advice, I did What you asked me to do. This is the testpage: http://www.bijbels-perspectief.nl/page75.html#. I still got no results.
    Is it possible to let you get access to the server and my project file through Core FTP lite? I could upload that file to the server. I did this (in 2014) once before... and it worked perfectly.

    But I don’t want to border you with my problems during this Pentacost holidays, so I suggest to continue after these days. So I come back to you next Teusday ok?
  • The easiest thing to do because there are still issues with the new test page you have created, is to upload your actual project file (something.wpp) to your server, then send over the details of the information you are using to access the server via an FTP connection, this will contain the FTP address you use, username and password. I can then login to the server using my personal FTP client, download your file and also check the connectivity and file/folder structure of the server. I should then hopefully, be able to debug your file and give you the solution to the problem.

    Please DO NOT add your FTP details here in the forum for security reasons and simply email them over to me via the following email address (this address below is an image and not a live hyperlink so you will have to type the address manually in your email client, done for spam reasons)


    Hope this helps a little more

    *Note* I will also send you back on return of email, 2 edited files for you to use, one will be the edited php file which will contain the Dutch translation for the label names and two, a new css file which will contain colour adjustments for the pop up form itself so it stays inline with the colours you are using on your website at present. We just need to find out why the pop up isn't working first and then you should be good to go.
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