problem with unzipping 360 slider
  • Hey!

    I just bought 360 Slider Addon. I cannot get it work. In download i see 3 files: PDF, .wpack and .txt. I assume that .wpack is the real thing. But how can i open it in Mac OS? i wanna have raw html,css, js files
  • Webplus does not run on a MAC without something like Parallels or VMware Fusion etc.

    If this is what you are using, then with Webplus open, choose the asset tab and then the OPEN button not the BROWSE button, locate the wpack file (The addon will need unzipping first) and then open it, the addon will then be added to the page content tab (you may only see a semi transparent box with a faint outline) it is from the page content tab, you drag it across and onto your page and then follow the help PDF file that came with the addon to make any configurations or changes needed.

    Hope this helps

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