Carousel Slider Images Showing on All Pages
  • Hello,

    I've used the add-ons sparsely, with good results, and I just purchased the carousel and I'm having a problem.

    On the page on which the code is added, the slider works beautifully, but when I link to other pages, all of the images included in the slider are stacked on top of each other, at the far left of the page, with the navigation set below them.

    Any idea what may be causing this? Do I need to disable the master page and copy the navigation individually to each page?

  • I've dug around and found something. I posted the code into the source editor under "page body start," but it still applies it to every page. The carousel works correctly on any page that has the html fragment. I can't find a way to add the source code to only one page. FYI, if it makes any difference, I am on X8.
  • Hi Robert,

    If you adding the code taken from the provided text file and adding it to the <!--Page Body Start--> then it should only show the carousel on the page you have selected to edit via the source code editor

    It will only show on all pages if you have added the code to the <!--Master A Body Start--> section of the source editor

    I have replicated your description here by adding the code to the Master A Body Start section of the first page of a 3 page demo and then added the html fragment to just the home page, I then get a working carousel on the home page but stacked images on the other 2 pages.

    Following another trial demo and using the information I've given you above, the 3 page test only shows the carousel on the home page and the other 2 pages remain blank with no carousel or stacked images.

    Hope this helps
  • Maybe I'm missing something. All of the size and page location code is above <--page body start-->, which I assume it goes there once the fragment is placed. The code that I copied from the txt file is under's a link to a screenshot of my source code...
  • I've done some more digging, and it's gotten more confusing. I went into the source code and cut the portion that is automatically added by the fragment, and pasted it under <--page body start--> along with the copied code. I no longer have stacked images on the other pages, but a working carousel on every page.
  • I have no idea where you are going wrong Robert because the code looks right in your dropbox image link, however, you definitely should not be copying/cutting code from anywhere else and pasting it willy nilly as this can only cause you more issues and traceability much harder to problem solve.

    Try my recipe above on a newly created empty website with maybe 2 or 3 empty pages and see what happens, if that fails, then please link us to the problematic site/page itself, so we have something to see and hopefully debug via a source view of your sites work in progress.
  • Thanks Mick. It seems that it only happens with this addon. I applied a full width slider and it works well. By the way...I saved the site to a new file before cutting and pasting willy nilly :-). If I can't figure it out, I'll publish a site for you.
  • No worries ;-)
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