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  • Hi Neil,

    I have done everything suggested to install the contact form and although I can drag the blue form on to my contact page when I upload my website to the web there is nothing there. Can you please advise? Thanks. Minos
  • Maybe a link to the site may help so we have something to see and also be able to check the source code so we then know we can eliminate any path link problems etc. With nothing to see, it's like asking us how long a piece of string is and just shooting in the dark to try and give you a solution.

    *Note* 2 possible reasons the pop up contact form may not work is: - (1) The php file is not situated in its own folder on the server and the folder called contact - (2) By default, the contact button is set to be bottom and right of the page, so if the button isn't set to bottom & right and you have dragged it onto your page say top & left or top & right, it may not show. You can adjust the position by editing the panel properties and selecting CSS Properties/Position. If you want the button to scroll with the page and also to be at a given set point on the page, then simply remove the check box for "align to browser"

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