Making Page-Flip work?
  • I have downloaded the Page-Flip add-on and followed the instructions given. But I must be missing something as I can't get it to work. Can anyone offer me any help please.
  • Hi, yes we can.

    Have you dragged the page flip addon onto your page? Do you have a live site we can see? It's practically impossible to tell where you're going wrong without a live site or more details of how far you've got.

  • Hi Neil. Sorry am down in Oz at the moment. I can't find where the add-on is in my Serif software to be able to drag it onto a my website? I sent an email showing the image as to where it is sat but the file looks empty?
  • It's not empty, just add it to WebPlus has described in the help file and drag it onto the page. The way WebPlus shows the asset images was changed in the latest version so just shows it as an empty box but it's fine to use.

    FYI it won't show in the list like other assets so don't expect it to behave that way... follow the instructions and you'll be fine ;)


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