Hamburger Menu - A different behaviour
  • Is there any possible way of making the hamburger menu behave like the navigation menu on the below website?

    Rather than a menu on the left hand side of the page of website?

    On iPhone it pops up at the bottom of the screen to a menu where your keyboard usually is and think this would be great
  • The menu provided is as is and not designed to give different variations of any other navigation menu, which would of course, need major code modifications to change.
  • Another add on opportunity? I’d buy it
  • Maybe, depends if Neil wants to carry on making things for now an obsolete piece of software since Serif themselves have stopped making/supporting Webplus
  • I didn’t know this... what’s the back up for webplus? I’ve been using it for years
  • Backup? If you are referring to support, apart from the serif community plus forum, there is none. We can only support our addons via this forum and not webplus itself.

    Hope this helps
  • I meant alternative to webplus.
    What software is everyone using now that webplus is going to be obsolete?

    Sorry I’m just panicking as I have loads of websites and Love webplus
  • Webplus wont stop working, so you can carry on regardless, serif are just not patching it any longer or building newer versions.

    If you want alternative software, look for WYSIWYG Editor by Pablo.

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