Help with Fundamental Template
  • Can you help, I downloaded the Fundamental WebPlus Template a while ago and have now gone back to working on my new site, but have problems adding my own images to the home page HTML fragment, been looking for the help file but lost it. There are photos already pre loaded, but I would want to change for my own. Can you please help me regarding how and where I add my own images withing the HTML code as I am trying to get the grip of how it works.

    The pre loaded images must be there for the site to display when previewing the site.

    Hope you can help

    Kind regards

  • Hi Gary,

    You are in the wrong forum for template help, we only support addons here

    Try this support forum here for all template issues - - Please make sure you choose the correct template name when creating your help request ;-)

    Hope this helps
  • thanks
  • Hi Garry,

    You can access the Fundamental help file here if it helps:


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