Background Video on Mobile
  • Hi Guys hope all is well. Can you tell me is it possible to use the Background Video on a mobile site / page width at 320 px?
    Thank you
  • Hi Kevin,

    The problem with mobile videos more often than not is they will not auto start by default, this was due to back in the day when it was a users choice to start the video which would then stream and eat up their data usage, this still happens today even though now a days, gigs of data are given as the norm with mobile contracts. I'll have a look about to see if you can force it to play as a video background but I wouldn't hold your breath as some browsers via mobiles you cannot tweak even with code edits.

    Hope this helps a little more ;-)
  • That would be really great Mick thanks a bunch. What inspred me was when I looked at the Background Video demo at Serif Addons it worked perfectly on my phone!
    Any help as always really appreciated mate :)
  • Tried the demo on my Samsung Galaxy phone here and I just get a static cloud with no animation, again, could be down to the phone or the actual browser being used on the said phone, searched and few sites here and cant find anything substantial but if it works for you and your happy that some of your users wont realise the mobile version has a background video, then maybe you are already good to go, again, I will update this thread if I find something that can be used across all phones & browsers.
  • Thanks Mick much appreciated - I have tried setting it up but it didnt work. Didnt know whethere something had been added to the demo which made it function.
    Thanks again :) I'll wait to see if you come up with any magic mate :)
  • Well I can't find anything code wise Kev to implement and I've also checked both code and files for the addon itself and compared it with the online demo version and I cant find anything different between the two, so I think it's most definitely down to the phone and its installed browser that will determine whether or not it will run on mobile devices.

    Sorry I can't help much more than this but I've run out of options to try here.
  • OK now worries Mick thanks for all your effort :)
  • My pleasure Kev ;-)

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