Addon Menu flicker to html background
  • I now have my webplus addon menu running on my mobile site but its flickering to background html pages before it goes to the webpage selected. It seems to work fine with an iphone but it does it all the time with Android using google chrome. Here is a link to my website to see for yourself what it does. PS I only use the menu in my mobile site.
  • Hi,

    Looks like you forgot to add the link? If you can post it we'll take a look for you :)

  • added now thanks
  • Hi,

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately we only have iOS devices here so I'm unable to test. I've experimented with online software that replicates Android devices but I'm unable to see any issues using them.

    Mick used to have an Android device, not sure if he still does but hopefully he can test with his.

    The code itself shouldn't create any issues so it's probably not going to be easily fixed and most likely an issue that only affects Chrome browser Android users which is likely in the minority.

    Looking at my stats for a popular site Chrome for Android accounts for 1.6% of the visitors.

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 & S10 and using the default web browser, there are no issues when switching pages using the mobile menu addon.

    On using Google Chrome on the same phones, there is a flicker when switching between pages but its so quick, you hardly know it's happened and the chosen page shows again without issues. This can only be put down to how Chrome renders page content and not down to the mobile menu addon itself, so in all honesty, I have no solution to this problem as we cannot control how developers design and write their own code for current browsers that are available.

    If it was the mobile menu failing, I'm sure this would be current in all browsers and not just Chrome.

    Sorry I can't give you any better advise than the above but hope this helps a little more
  • Thanks Mick
    That exactly how I see it as well. Its clearly a problem with Google chrome on android but its a bit discorncerning as I dont know how any potential customers are viewing it. When I was testing it on my desktop pc on chrome it did it as well. I just assumed it was a characteristic of addon when created and it would look different on mobile live. Sadly not the case.
  • Nobody will ever be viewing the mobile version on their desktop so there's no need to worry about that.

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