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  • Hi
    I have an existing site built with x8
    I need to IMPORT one of the mobile sites with click to call etc into my existing site and set up all the usual re-directs etc
    How do I do this please ?
  • Hi Paul,

    This sounds like a general WebPlus question, we can only support questions relating to our addons here. For general WebPlus questions please go here:

    Sorry we can't be any more help than this.
  • Its your mobile template that I've bought ...
  • Got the pages saved in the asset bar from your template. Placed them (with a mobile master page) into the site with all the usual mobile/desktop redirects and all seems well except the home page slider where I cannot find any reference to its pics in the file manager. All the pics for the desktop site are there but just no mention of the mobile pages or their contents although the buttons etc seem to work fine ... it's just the slider that is causing problems
  • Sorry but we're unable to assist with moving pages or features from one template file to another, simply due to the complexities of the code and conflictions that can arise from it.

    It's best to use the mobile template as it's intended to be used by linking to it from your main site using a redirect.

    Hope that helps.
  • Okay ... so do I build two totally separate sites and upload both ?
    If that's the case; do I set up re-directs from the main website to the mobile one AND the other way around ?
  • Yes, we've found it best to create separate sites - it's then a case of setting up redirects. This is for X6 but it's pretty much the same for all versions:

    Hope that helps
  • Hi Neil
    Done that and all seems okay except that the mobile slider won't work. I have set it up as per the spec sheet ... what have I done wrong .... is the site ...

    On a separate note.
    These guys want menus on the sites with prices. These change all the time so I don't want to have to input them longhand every time and while I can use lightboxes and pdf downloads on the desktop site how do I drop in a menu (which will be the artwork for the printed ones) so that they are readable on the mobile site. I
    seems no matter what resolution or type of graphic I choose it always pixellates ... any ideas ?
  • This is getting crazy ...
    I've created two sites and uploaded them
    I've set up redirects on the main index.html desktop page to the mobile home page (in a separate directory called 'mobile' on the server)
    The main desktop site is fine. The mobile site just will not work. I have abandoned the slider as that was too much like trying to herd cats and now the whole lot won't work at all. I get bits of the mobile home page but not all on an Android phone yet if I type in in a browser its all there ! (but I have had to call it 'mobihome' as anything else won't work and I get a 403 error (which I incidentally get on ALL the rest of the mobile pages apart from the home page when you use the mobile buttons to navigate to them!)
    I just don't know where to go from here ... can ANYBODY help and I'll pay them !!!!!!!!
  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry for the delay.

    First up I see this page the URL is incomplete and doesn't have the dot in it:

    That'll prevent the link from working.

  • Regarding your menus you can still provide PDFs for the mobile site, just make sure the version of PDF reads well on desktop and mobile. Can't really offer any suggestions other than this.

  • Hi Neil
    Fixed that but that alone doesn't explain why the redirect doesn't work on the home page or any of the others. Am I missing the point in that the redirect should be on the desktop site pointing to the mobile site and also on the mobile site pointing to the desktop?
    Also; why won't the slider work ?
  • Hi Paul,

    The redirect seems to be working for me. I go to and it directs me to the mobile version. You'll probably find you need to clear your mobile browsers cache each time you make a change to the redirect.

    Yes, you'll need to set up a redirect from the mobile version to the desktop, making sure the rules are correct, ie. if the viewport is larger than mobile then the mobile should direct to the desktop.

    Regarding the slider, it's hard to tell what's wrong without an example to look at - are you able to provide a link? The current mobile version just uses an image.

  • Can you please just check the desktop version loads okay - my phone is being a pain at the moment and I guess that is what the problem is ...
    I'll re- upload the mobile site with the slider so you can see if that's okay ... cheers !
  • Desktop loads fine here ;)
  • Must be my phone that's kaput then ...
    Does the mobile site navigate between the pages ok ?
  • Just tried it with a different phone and the mobile site does not work ... am I going mad ??
  • Hi Paul,

    On desktop I go to and it redirects me to the desktop version which is right.

    If I go to on my mobile it redirects me to the mobile version ( which again is right.

    I've tried this on 2 different desktop and mobile browsers so I'm not sure what the problem is with the devices you're using. Would be worth making sure the browsers cache are 100% cleared I think.

  • Hiya
    My customer tried it on his iphone and it doesn't work and one of his staff tried it on an android and that also wouldn't work either. The redirects work both ways but the mobile site shows selected parts of the home page and when you try to navigate to any other mobile page from the css buttons on the bottom of the page (which load okay) then there is a 403 error ... I'm getting a little embarassed to talk to him now !
  • Here's the button links. They go to 404's - are you sure the pages aren't called something different? That's the only reason they wouldn't work.

  • Hi Neil
    Done all that and proven by forcing my desktop to look at the mobile site ... still don't know how pages all got named 'mobi' something by default though!
    On ANY mobile device either brand new or with cleared caches the mobile site will NOT load properly - I just get bits of it visible and I just don't know what to do next. This is turning out to be a nightmare and making me look a total fool with my customer (that's not to say I'm NOT a total fool though!)
  • Until you change the links on the mobile menu to the correct .html file names that you've created, your mobile site wont work on any mobile device, regardless of the devices age or cleared cache.
  • Even a link with 'mobi' taken out the page still isn't there.

    I'm at a loss to suggest anything.
  • I've fixed those links but still it won't display ...
  • How come it works for Neil on a mobile but no one else ?
  • The site structure is that the desktop site is in the root of the site with the mobile version in a directory called 'mobile' ... ie:
    If all the html pages are meant to be in the root how do I deal with all the other uploaded files ?
  • Think I've sorted it. There was a 'mobile' master page hiding in the main site (left over from the template I guess) and having removed it things now seem to work better .... however ...
    If the mobile page is longer than 650 pixels it won't stay scrolled at the bottom and pings back up to the top and ...
    The flaming slider STILL won't work !
    Honestly; this is the worst experience ever with your templates which are normally great and easy to use ... I guess it's the trying to make two into one thing but even so; it should be easier than this and the mobile template instructions are not clear at all.
    Still; this is all very old software now so I really shouldn't complain ...
  • Does the mobile template work out of the box? If so then it's something you're doing wrong that's preventing it from working.

    As you say it's very outdated software now and really shouldn't be used for client sites.
  • Got to be a end user problem somewhere Neil because if it was the template itself not performing or working correctly, then the correct forum for template issues would be bombarded with support posts saying it doesn't work when we know 100's of users have successfully configured it and have it working fine along side their main site.

    I had it working myself on 2 of my sites without any issues until I decided the next best route was to create fully responsive sites with other software, where you then do not need a separate mobile site.
  • Trouble is they really like the desktop site and don't want to change it so I'm a bit stuck here ...
    Is there any way I can email the two sites to someone to figure out what I've done wrong ?
    I'll happily pay for someone to sort it all out.
    I'm starting to use Xweb now :-)
  • Hi Paul,

    Apologies for the delay, you can send the WebPlus files here:

  • Will do ... the redirect works fine now. I will put the slider back in the mobile site so you can see and make one page longer so you can see the the way it behaves ... thanks
  • Bizzarely the site seems happy with the longer pages so it is just the slider I can't fix now ...
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sending over the files.

    Everything is okay with the slider, all you're missing is the complete URL for the images. You currently have:

    url: ''},

    Whereas they should read:

    { url: ''},

    Update those and the slider should work

    Hope that helps.

  • All fine now Neil - many thanks

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