Woahbar - reposition on page
  • Hi all, this one might be simple!

    How do I make the Woahbar appear further down the page and not attached to the top?
    Also, when I make the bar bigger / deeper, how do I centre the txt (not the centre of the default 25pix)?

    many thanks,
  • Hi Lester,

    To add padding above the woahbar do the following: Double click the HTML Code Fragment for the addon and change the following section of code:

    .woahbar, .close-notify, .show-notify { background-color: #CC0033;}

    Change it to this - it includes 'top: 50px', adjust the number to suit:

    .woahbar, .close-notify, .show-notify { background-color: #CC0033; top: 50px;}

    For the other question, how are you resizing the height of the bar? We'll need to know that before we can advise.

  • Hi Neil,

    I've gone from 25 to 65 pix like ...

    .woahbar-link:hover{ background: #D7D7D7; } /* hover state button background colour */
    .woahbar-link:hover{ color: #222222 !important; } /* hover state button text colour */
    .woahbar { height: 65px; }
  • Cool, in that case, add this below it:

    .woahbar span { padding-top: 20px;}

  • What a gent!
    Thanks ever so.

  • You're welcome! :)

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