Lazy Image Loader
  • Hi there

    I want to use the lazy image loader on certain parts of our website, but I am struggling a bit. When I add the images and drag the html code to the right size, the image still comes out way too big?


    Also how would I apply the lazy image loader onto existing images on the website?

    Please help



  • Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your purchase :)

    You'll need to resize your images before adding them in to WebPlus and its File Manager. This is a preferred method as you have more control over the image and prevent WebPlus from resampling it and making it pixelated or of a large file size.

    Due to the way the lazy loader works it's not possible to add it to images that are already added to a page, they can only be added using the method described in the help file :)

    Hope that helps

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