Background Image Gallery resolution and position
  • Hi I'm new to this, but I added a background image gallery to one of my pages and the resolution is not that good, I can see thin horizontal lines throughout the page, can this be changed?
    Also I would like to shift the pictures down about 100 pix, is this possible?

  • Hi Art,

    If you are seeing lines through your images that is because the background gallery addon use 1 of 15 different overlays numbering 01.png to 15.png and you can see the code call by double clicking the frag box on the page and scrolling down until you see this

    $.vegas('overlay', {

    Simply change 04 to any other overlay reference of your fancy, if you do not want any kind of overlay, then highlight those 3 lines of code above in your html frag box and delete them, you will now only see the image itself with no overlay.

    With regards to moving the pictures down 100px, not possible, so if you are not seeing part of the image you intended to see, change the resolution of the image until you get it right.

    Hope this helps
  • That worked like a charm, thank you so much ( I deleted the three lines of code)

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