Contact form will not submit in Grid teplate
  • Hi, my email is working ok but the contact form will not submit and the blue arrows just keep spinning round, my website is , can you help
  • Hi Banksy,

    There are only 2 reasons why the contact form wouldn't work and continues to give you a spinning working icon and that is either the contact.php file is not where it should be on the server, it must be in the root of the server and not in any sub directory or PHP is not supported on your server.

    Therefore, check where the php file is located on the server and if that's ok, check with your hosting provider that they support the PHP () Send function, some providers only allow a form to work with a direct SMTP connection using a username and password set up inside of the PHP file which this script doesn't support, so if the latter, you would have to find an alternative script to process your forms sent information.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick it was working ok for over two years, but has now stopped, i have reloaded the php file into the website and uploaded the site but this has not worked, so i assume the hosting company has changed something, would i be right in thinking this?
  • Correct Banksy, certainly looks like your hosting provider has changed its security protocols on the server if it was working prior, they often do this and don't bother to tell the end users of any issues it may cause
  • Hi Mick, I have contacted the web hosting company and there has been no changes at their end and say they do support PHP, he has had a look at the HTML of the site and thinks their may be an issue there with the email address, please could you check for me to see if it is ok
  • I cant see inside a PHP file on your server but if you are using web based email addresses within the PHP file such as yahoo or msn or gmail/hotmail etc, then I suggest you use one email address and try an ISP email address such as your internet provider email or a domain email address associated with the website, apart from that, I can't really advise any further but what I will say after dealing with hosting companies for over 25 years is this, they will NEVER admit there is anything wrong at their end and will always blame the user or files associated with the site, it just seems extremely hard to believe it has been working for 2 years and now it doesn't, which points me to a server change and only constant complaining, do things then get put right.

    Hope this helps a little more
  • Hi Mick,

    is this how the line should look in the PHP contact doc or should i remove the opening & closing quote marks as i reloded it and not sure if i did it right
    $address = "";
  • Looks right to me and the quotes are needed if I remember rightly (out the office all day so cant double check)
  • Hi guys,

    Yes, that's spot on what you've got for the email line :)


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