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  • Hi, I uploaded a nivo slider to my site with jpgs that I downloaded from internet along with some of my own jpgs, the downloaded pictures show just fine but not my own jpgs,
    The site is
  • I guess I can't post all of the code, for some reason it does not appear.
  • Try checking the file attribute of your images Art, JPG will not be the same as jpg and people often make this mistake, plus also could be an actual file name problem so rule of thumb is, never use spaces or capital letters for image names, always use lower case and separate multiple names with a - or _

    Bad example: My image One.jpg
    Good example: my-image-one.jpg

    Hope this helps
  • It is an attribute failure, for example, the 2nd image via your code is looking for the following nivo/02.jpg but cannot be seen in the slider because the image on the server is 02.JPG - servers cannot differentiate between upper and lower case so you have to make sure before linking and uploading, that images match code correctly and exactly, so either change the code for that image to JPG or rename and relink the image. You'd be better off leaving the code and renaming the image personally.
  • Thanks Mick, that corrected the problem, an oversight on my part.

    Thanks again
  • No worries glad you got it sorted ;-)

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