Display on different screen size full width slider
  • Hi, I have the full width slider and on my 19" screen looks fine, but when viewing on a smaller screen the left and right sides are missing is there a setting to resize according to the size the the screen the full width slider or should this adapt to the display. I don;t have thwe pdf file for the instructions if it's on there.

    The image is not effected re scale only the left and right are missing still functions fine

    Thank you

  • Hi Garry,

    Would that be the Full Width Slider I refunded you for as you couldn't get it to work?

  • Hi Neil, yes it is I hope you can still help I had a conflict between the photo setup on the template and the slider. This resulted as an either or, not both functions on the template so I opted for the slider and work on a new option for displaying the images for my website.
    I hope you will be able to assist me despite the refund for info I have added a link to my website http://www.grfaviationartprofiles.co.uk

    Thanks & kind regards

  • Garry,

    This is an issue with WebPlus, it's not responsive so when viewing the image/slider on smaller viewports the left and right of the image will be cut off. If it wasn't to do this, the image height would have to be reduced on smaller viewports, but as WebPlus can't move the content below it up, it simple doesn't work.

    The only option is to add the main image content (the planes) to the center of the slide area (usually the same width as the page) and have the overflow area display more of the background you use in your images.

  • Thanks for info


  • You're welcome. If you're now happy with the addon and would like to continue using it, you'll have to go here and purchase again: https://serifaddons.com/full-width-slider-webplus.html


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